The FW22 Inside Out A[A] collection is a celebration of the strength we embody when we are most vulnerable, when we wear our hearts on our sleeve and speak our emotions from a place of power and self-knowing.

To be unapologetically and wholeheartedly oneself is to dismiss the popular notion that vulnerability is weakness, that strength comes from one’s ability to conceal and control.

The truth is that to be alive is to be vulnerable. When you wear your inside out you embrace courage, creativity, connection — all qualities that let you and the world know what it is to be wholly present and fully alive.



Inside Out was created in collaboration with four artists from around the world; a calligrapher based in San Francisco, a well-known female tattoo artist in LA, a Brooklyn designer and a fine artist from Barcelona, we are proud to present a series of exclusive and unique prints in sumptuous, daring fabrics and classic A[A] designs.

Delicate stretch tulle tops with romantic wildflower graphics sit like a second skin under recycled black leather coats with gathered shoulders, fitted waists and raw seams. Magical viscose silk skirts and dresses in red-pink and cream hues are inked with ethereal images and irresistible phrases fit for the woman who is tied to the moon. Voluminous off-white skirts in shiny, quilted heart-stitch fabric are worn under slouchy soft cotton sweatshirts with stunning calligraphy and graphics that will call out your inner mystic. Untamed fake fur coats and chunky knit scarves in hand- spun Spanish merino wool can be thrown over stunning dresses in shiny, quilted fabric with a vintage floral stitch. Soft black leather corsets are paired with wide leather pants or delicate faded pink and cream tulle skirts under red-pink oversize padded coats. Our playful garments invite you to be at once vulnerable and full of courage, to create your own manifestation of what it means to be you, from the inside out.

Creative Direction / Design

Cristina Fernandez +
Erin Bazos

The FW22 Inside Out A[A] collection is the love child of founder Cristina Fernandez with Creative Director, Erin Bazos. Erin is a Chicago-born, Rhode Island School of Design – trained, New York-based Creative with a niche design studio in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Erin’s love of fashion and the avant-garde has long inspired her work and driven her focus.

Erin met Cristina through her support and adoration of Little Creative Factory — Cristina’s children’s label. When Cristina moved to Brooklyn a few years ago to propel her women’s line, Annother Archive, their serendipitous meeting proved to be a friendship written in the stars.

This Collection is deeply rooted in the romantic souls of both Erin and Cristina. Their love of the beautiful, the mystical, and their awareness of the power of female friendships is a driving force in the core of their hearts.


Melissa Constandse
Open Sea Design Co., Brooklyn

Originally inspired by the salty, crystal clear blue shores of the Mexican Caribbean, Open Sea is a creative studio based in Brooklyn that specializes in fine stationery and paper goods. The company was established in 2015 by Artist Melissa Constandse. Their work is inspired by the occult, the Victorian era, and all manner of esoteric traditions, as well as naturalist art and the treasures of the plant and animal kingdom. Each piece is meticulously designed with purpose and intention as a tribute to long lost traditions and to the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Death by 1,000 serifs, san francisco

Rhode Island raised, Hunter Saxony III is a self taught San Francisco based Calligrapher and Installation Artist. His work is continually investigating text, object, and shape to present a delicate and visceral look into the human condition.

Tati compton
Tattoo artist, LA

Well known for her “stick-n-poke” technique, California-born artist Tati Compton began experimenting with “home-made” stick and poke art in her early twenties, later developing the craft into a professional career. After spending a few years hand-poking at Sang Bleu London, Tati moved to LA where she continues to pioneer in making stick and poke tattoos a respected art form, while inspiring a new generation of tattooers. Her book is composed of her intricate illustrations from whimsical psychedelia to powerful silhouettes of goddesses.

Lídia Masllorens
Fine artist, Barcelona
Lídia’s artwork has been exhibited all over the world. She is drawn to abstraction and experiments with faces, claiming that one look is more telling than two hundred words. The imperceptible movement of a pair of lips can better express feeling than an entire paragraph and an eye’s iris can merge into an arctic setting. Her oversized portraits depict movement and seek to tread the tangible into the untamed homeland of dreams.


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