Calling out to the Nomad spirit in us all, to our unceasing sense of adventure that inspires us to weave our way into unknown lands and follow the call of the wilderness, where earthy hues of terracotta and shoji white make up landscapes less traveled. Spin the fabric of your journey where dusty red sunsets and charcoal sandy beaches unravel before you. Wake up to the ivory pale of a new day in a foreign place. Wander with purpose, search with integrity, never stop moving, keep on dancing and travel far to the rhythm of our spinning earth in step and in style.

SS23 textiles

The SS23 Nomad collection blends earthy tones in terracotta red, charcoal black, and raw ivory colors with natural weaves in classic designs with a contemporary twist. Raw cotton dresses fold and float, hessian bodices give form to overflowing off-white crushed cotton skirts and beautiful silk garments create a wardrobe fit for the ancient goddess with a modern soul. Nomad trousers and jumpsuits hit a tribal note in structured cotton with charcoal black thick stripes.

Free flowing, voluminous Smock satin jumpsuits and Ancient Earth dresses in ivory-white rustic cotton speak of Greek deities. Travel far in our terracotta red jacquard dresses with ethereal stitch details and delicate Tatami print ivory dresses and flouncy Tulle skirts. Wander into the night in our sensual, layered veneer skirts. This is a cultural romance, a celebration of journeys old and new, of the different paths we weave into this so-called tapestry of life.

SS23 textiles

Delicate stretch tulle tops with romantic wildflower graphics sit like a second skin under recycled black leather coats with gathered shoulders, fitted waists, and raw seams. Magical viscose silk skirts and dresses in red-pink and cream hues are inked with ethereal images and irresistible phrases fit for the woman who is tied to the moon. Voluminous off-white skirts in shiny, quilted heart-stitch fabric are worn under slouchy soft cotton sweatshirts with stunning calligraphy and graphics that will call out your inner mystic.

Untamed fake fur coats and chunky knit scarves in hand-spun Spanish merino wool can be thrown over stunning dresses in shiny, quilted fabric with a vintage floral stitch. Soft black leather corsets are paired with wide leather pants or delicate faded pink and cream tulle skirts under red-pink oversize padded coats. Our playful garments invite you to be at once vulnerable and full of courage, to create your own manifestation of what it means to be you, from the inside out.

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